I was up in Vancouver this past week on business – the drive up was pretty easy, and crossing the border was pretty painless, too!  The lady who checked my ID on the way into Canada wasn’t very friendly, though…  But after crossing, I finally got to legitimately use the “MPH <-> km/h” button on my car!!

Anyway, although we were pretty busy looking for geniuses at UBC, I had a lot of fun checking out the city!  I figured the best way to share my experiences are through a couple of haiku’s.  Enjoy!

How do I drive here?
Signs missing and flashing lights.
My GPS rocks.

Tim Hortons donuts
got some loonie coins for change.
Do you like hockey?

Malaysian food, yum!
ping pong balls and Cuervo gold…
Night out on the town!

Celsius is nuts.
Kilometers per hour.
How can I survive?