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Golden Age

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Happy Golden Birthday to John who turned 28 on the 28th!  These “Golden Cupcakes” are a little interpretive since I didn’t know what to make: Pineapple Supreme cake in gold foil liners, topped with gold sugar and a gold Hershey’s Nugget.

Looks a Little Fishy to Me…

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This past month my lead was out on paternity leave.  Facilities had taken down the half-door from our Taco Stand office prank, so we felt it should be repurposed.  Joe’s office was transformed into “Crazy Joe’s Bait & Tackle Co.” complete with paperclip hooks and gummyworm bait!  (pictures of the prank coming soon)

In keeping with the fishing theme, I put together these cupcakes using Goldfish crackers and pretzel sticks.  I also tried out the two-tone frosting technique by putting both a light and dark shade of blue in the piping bag – it doesn’t show well in these photos, but made for a cool “water” effect.

Trippy Cupcakes, Man

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Katie, Darshan, and Nikhil threw an awesome 60′s themed party and I knew I couldn’t resist using my neon food dyes!  I made a modified version of the Double Rainbow cupcakes from my birthday earlier this year and made some fun tie dye cupcakes, topped with flowers, hearts, stars… and dinosaurs??

Easy as Pi

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What do you get when you put a bunch of Microsofties in a conference room on 3/14 at 1:59pm?  A Pi Day celebration!  (The approximation of pi, 3.14159, can be read as a date and time – nerds around the World observe Pi Day every March 14th!)

Our team had a pie baking contest this year.  I made a cherry and pecan pie and am happy to report my first attempt at homemade pie crusts was a success!  Below is a picture of my “Cherry Pi” and the full lineup for the contest, which included everything from an assortment of different apple pies to savory meat pies.

These Cupcakes Bug Me

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My sister came up to visit for the weekend of her birthday this year.  Unfortunately she spent the entire weekend taking care of her very sick brother!  I made sure she didn’t leave without a treat, though.  I made both full size and mini ladybug cupcakes using Oreos and black M&Ms.