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I’m Not Lion…

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Happy Birthday to Terra, who is coming up to visit and happens to love lions and baseball!  I was going to attempt to make lion cupcakes, but I realized it was too much to handle after the first one.  Maybe when I get back into the swing of decorating again I could pull it off, but I decided to make the rest baseballs instead.

Great Feets of Baking

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Happy Birthday to Alasia who unfortunately has had her leg in a cast since the New Year!  Our team all stopped by to sign her cake this morning.

On Top of Spaghetti…

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My friend Eric and I share the same Birthday and got to celebrate together in San Jose this year.  Since we went to an italian restaurant with some friends for dinner, Adi, Alex and I thought it was only fitting that we make him Spaghetti and Meatball cupcakes from my new cupcake book.  They turned out looking so realistic that I couldn’t even eat one of the cupcakes myself!  I’ve been meaning to post these pictures for weeks now:

Vitamin Cake

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Apologies for the delay – DeVere’s birthday was last week, and since he eats these Halls Defense Vitamin C Drops like candy, I felt it was appropriate to make him a cake in-line with that theme.  This is a lemon cake with vanilla frosting:

Happy Halloween!

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I got to use my cupcake display/stand for the first time today!  I made pumpkin cupcakes (the ones that look like pumpkins) and Kathy made chocolate spider cupcakes (the green ones).  Although we held an official vote at work for people’s favorite, I think it was pretty much a dead-even tie for cuteness.