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Down the Tubes

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Alasia was travelling around the world all month, which can mean only one thing: time for another office prank!  This one involved a quick trip to Office Depot and a huge number of Post-it squares.

The Plastic Frets Perform!

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Last Wednesday we competed in the MBD Rock Band competition for the MS Giving Campaign!  Here’s a video of our performance, thanks to Celeste (and Paul for uploading):

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Support the Plastic Frets!

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Our [Rock Band] band, The Plastic Frets (formerly known as “The Middles”) has entered in a Rock Band competition at work as part of the 2008 MBD Giving Campaign!  In order to be considered, we had to submit something artistic to show that we are in it to win it.  Here is the resulting video:

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It’s missing some really good footage of us playing a Surface Piano and rocking out in a crosswalk, but I think it does a great job getting our name out there.  Thanks to Darshan for helping us put that together!

Na na na na, Hay hay hay, Welcome Back!

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Paul was gone (travelling around Europe on his honeymoon) for so long that corn started growing in his office!  He came back this week to find a scarecrow, Paul Jr., had taken his place.

All said and done, this project was pretty inexpensive with a quick trip to Home Depot and a Feed store.  One bale of straw was more than enough to cover the 10×11′ floor (about 6 inches high, in fact).


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So I came to work last week to find that I finally have new window-art at my door!  Thanks Katie!