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Turbo Tax Rocks!

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Last week I completed my taxes, for free, in about 15 minutes… then moments later I had filed electronically, for free… and only 7 days later the refund was already in my account!  Sweet.

It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

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I just ate probably the most interesting burger I’ve ever had or ever will have – the After School Special from Kings in Ballard. It consisted of a patty surrounded by lots of bacon on one side and peanut butter on the other. Not a new favorite, but I’m proud of myself for trying it (er, Sue basically double-dog dared me to order it and despite my protest I couldn’t chicken out).

Back in Tune with my Zune!

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While waiting for the box to send my Zune in for repair, I’ve been testing it each morning.  This morning, it miraculously turned on!!  Ironic, since the box should arrive today (was scheduled for yesterday, but FedEx is dumb and couldn’t figure out where we lived).

Good news – now I don’t have an excuse to get that iPhone anymore!

Celcius, eh?

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I was up in Vancouver this past week on business – the drive up was pretty easy, and crossing the border was pretty painless, too!  The lady who checked my ID on the way into Canada wasn’t very friendly, though…  But after crossing, I finally got to legitimately use the “MPH <-> km/h” button on my car!!

Anyway, although we were pretty busy looking for geniuses at UBC, I had a lot of fun checking out the city!  I figured the best way to share my experiences are through a couple of haiku’s.  Enjoy!

How do I drive here?
Signs missing and flashing lights.
My GPS rocks.

Tim Hortons donuts
got some loonie coins for change.
Do you like hockey?

Malaysian food, yum!
ping pong balls and Cuervo gold…
Night out on the town!

Celsius is nuts.
Kilometers per hour.
How can I survive?

The Mediums

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David and I have started our new Rock Band 2 group, The Mediums.  Ironic, since he always plays on expert level.

My player, Ektorp, is getting pretty good.  I think I’ll name all my rock stars after Ikea furniture from now on…