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Celcius, eh?

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I was up in Vancouver this past week on business – the drive up was pretty easy, and crossing the border was pretty painless, too!  The lady who checked my ID on the way into Canada wasn’t very friendly, though…  But after crossing, I finally got to legitimately use the “MPH <-> km/h” button on my car!!

Anyway, although we were pretty busy looking for geniuses at UBC, I had a lot of fun checking out the city!  I figured the best way to share my experiences are through a couple of haiku’s.  Enjoy!

How do I drive here?
Signs missing and flashing lights.
My GPS rocks.

Tim Hortons donuts
got some loonie coins for change.
Do you like hockey?

Malaysian food, yum!
ping pong balls and Cuervo gold…
Night out on the town!

Celsius is nuts.
Kilometers per hour.
How can I survive?

Bad Placement

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Browsing through the Blue-Ray discs, it was a little disturbing seeing the movie “World Trade Center” in the “Comedy” section at Fry’s Electronics tonight.  I realize that it was the last movie alphabetically in the genre before the comedies, but someone really didn’t plan that out well.

I can’t believe it’s been seven years already… I can still remember it like it was yesterday.

Greetings from

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We thought you’d like to know that we shipped your items, and that this
completes your order.

And… only 14 days to Season 4!!

Get what you pay for with UPS 2nd Day Air!

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I shipped a box down to California for about a 750-mile trip.  2nd Day Air was expensive, but in tracking the package I see that I’m getting my money’s worth:

Package Mapping

The summary from further emphasizes the value I got from 2nd Day shipping:

Distance : 3062.78 miles- Time : 20 hrs 37 mins 0 secs - Avg Speed : 148.56 mph 

More puddle-blowers spotted!

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I wish I had a better camera on my phone… I tried to snap a picture while waiting at a red light as proof but it did not turn out at all.  Anyway, I spotted more people with leaf blowers out in the drizzle blasting the sidewalks when there were NO LEAVES there.  I thought maybe they were cleaning up after trimming or something, but I didn’t see any tools or clippings anywhere.  One was spotted on Monday evening on my way home, and the other was spotted here on Microsoft grounds early Tuesday morning.