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Perfect Square Cake

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Neopolitan Cake LayersJBooze is 25 today… and having a perfect square birthday requires a perfect square cake!  Note that I picked the pink and brown frosting because I went with a neopolitan cake – a layer of strawberry, a layer of chocolate, and vanilla (sort of) icing.  Here’s the end product:




Perfect Square Cake

Perfect Pecan Pie

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I forgot to post this one a week or so back… this was the pecan pie I made for a little party:

Pecan Pie

Mmm, it tasted great.  Just one flaw… the crust cracked at one spot as seen at the bottom of the picture.  Since I didn’t make the crust, it’s not my fault.  It’s Mac’s fault.

Bicycle built for one

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New HelmetI took my bike into the shop today to have it tuned up… and to get a front wheel for it.  I’m not really good with the whole unicycle thing.

I haven’t ridden my bike since, well, the front wheel was stollen almost two years ago.  Needless to say I cannot WAIT.  They should have it all ready to go on Monday.  Now if only this crazy nice weather would stick around for a few more days…

I’m trying hard to be patient, but in the mean time check out my spiffy new helmet!  😉

What is this?!

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Weather GadgetI’ve had this weather gadget on my Windows Sidebar for quite some time now, but when I returned home today I noticed something didn’t look normal.

What is this big yellow circle-looking thing?

Farewell Marco Saenz…

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I made this German Chocolate Cake with coconut pecan frosting:


On April 23rd, 2007 Marco Saenz walked into InfoPath as a noob.  He was a true leader on the ipnoobs DL, having been one of the few people to ever send mail on the alias.  Today, one year later, we honor Marco with this Certificate of Achievement for his noob excellence.  As co-owner of the ipnoobs alias it is my duty to inform you that as of today, Marco is being released from the DL.  Congratulations, Marco Saenz, congratulations!!

Certificate of Achievement Cake