KitchenAid MixerYes, I was a proud owner of a KitchenAid stand mixer – for just over a week!  It was only with a heavy heart that I returned the mixer back to Costco tonight after giving it a week to “break in”.  Something had to be wrong with the motor, because it sounded awful and was so loud I couldn’t use it past quiet hours for fear of upsetting the neighbors.

Here’s my quick review on the stand mixer available at Costco:

+ 475 watts of pure mixing power… ooooh yeeeeaaah!
Noisy as all get out… maybe just a defective one?
+ Professional Lift model… easy to use!
You have to detach the beater to get the bowl out… not as easy as the tilt models.
+ Onyx Black finish… perfect for my taste!
The included digital timer was white… not Onyx Black
+ TONS of add-on attachments available… from pasta to ice-cream makers!

In conclusion: I don’t think I’m ready for a professional-grade mixer yet.  It was fun owning one for a week, despite the noisy defect, but I’ll have to stick to my $8 SunBeam electric hand mixer for now.