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TiraMissU Cake

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One of our testers, Emily, is celebrating her last day on our team before starting the next stage of her career with another group.  We’re all going to miss her, but we couldn’t send her off without a cake!

Tiramisu Layer Cake

David helped me make this delicious looking Tiramisu Layer Cake tonight – I cannot wait to taste it!

So Silly (Putty)!

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Darshan and I both started working at Microsoft on August 6, 2007.  We quickly realized that people always bring in candy or treats in the number of pounds equal to the number of years at Microsoft (i.e. 5 years = 5 lbs of M&M’s).  Of course, we couldn’t settle for the same old M&M’s deal, so we ordered 2 pounds of Silly Putty (a pound for each of us) – who wouldn’t love that?!  It folds, it squishes, it bounces, and it even peels off a mirror image of comic strips!  And, of course, what would a 1-year anniversary be without a little cake?

 Silly Putty Cake

Mom helped make this delicious Cherry Chip cake, so the frosting turned out much better than my previous attempts.  I free-handed the comic from yesterday’s paper – I hope Bil Keane doesn’t mind too much!  There is one problem with the design, but I’m hoping only a true Family Circus fan would catch it!

Under the Knife…

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Well, I finally had my back surgery last Thursday – so far, so good!  I went in at 5:30am surprisingly calm, went through the routine preparations (couple hours), and was in and out of the operating room in less than two hours!  In fact, everything went so smoothly that we were home around 11am.

I’ve been in “Recovery Mode” the past few days, just resting up to let things heal.  On the second day I realized that my grumpy demeanor was probably due to the physio-sensor pad that I had been sleeping on all night (I guess they missed one) as seen here:


For any interested parties, I have a photo of some pictures they took… but you’ll have to click the link, first, to see them – be forewarned that they are pretty nasty!

/////////     WARNING: Viewer Discretion is Advised!     /////////

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