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Alright, Who Dropped the Ball?

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This sculpture entitled “Sphere Within Sphere” was created in 1982 by Arnaldo Pomodoro and can be found at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.  There are others like this around the world from Rome to California.  Apparently the sphere normally rotates, as well – though it was fenced off and stationary when we visited.

Pucker Up for Good Luck

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While heading towards Dingle, we stopped in Cork to check out the Blarney Castle.  Megan and I climbed the 99 spiral stairs, laid down, and let the old man lower us down to kiss the Blarney Stone – we now have the “Gift of Gab“!  (Megan has proof in hard-copy that we might post later on)

Home Sweet Homes

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Did you know that two different locations were used in filming the back and front of the Von Trapp villa?  When we took the Sound of Music tour, we got to see both.

I am Twenty-six Going on Twenty-seven

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Here’s a set of pictures taken by both dad and Megan’s cameras while we were on the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg, Austria.  We stopped at Hellbrunn Palace – known for its trick fountains – where the original Gazebo from the movie stands today.

We have many more pictures from the tour to come, so stay tuned!

Going for Gold

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While in Munich, Germany, we had just enough time to take the subway up to the old Olympic Park (1972 Summer Olympics).

Funny, the architectural style of the park reminds me a lot of the Experience Music Project here in Seattle.