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Movember 29th: No More Mo’?

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When I tally everything up, I’m only short of my goal for tomorrow by $511.97!  If I manage to collect $512 by noon tomorrow, I’ll be stuck with my moustache for all of December!  If not… the mo’ could be no mo!

Thanks again to everyone for all of the Movember support so far – we’re almost done, and you’ve helped our team raise over $2,500 for a worthy cause!

Movember 26th: Please, Sir, I Want Some Mo’!

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Actually, that fork is empty because I already stuffed myself with leftovers from last night’s Thanksgiving dinner.  My moustache is starting to fill in as nicely as my stomache has been the past two days!

Just 4 days of Movember left!  Thanks to all who have generously contributed to my efforts and to my team, the MOXstaches, for sticking through the month!

Movember 22nd: The Final Countdown

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This is it, folks – just 7 more days to help me raise $1,500 or else this Mo’ will be No Mo’!  I’m very excited about the progress our team has made in just three short weeks – regardless of how badly Google is schooling us, we’re definitely helping to make a difference during Movember.

And now, for inspiration… The Final Countdown!

Movember 18th: Fuzzy, Was He?

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(I’m having trouble uploading larger files lately, but here’s a preview for now)

No huge updates here – my moustache is still just kind of… fuzzy.  We’re rounding out on the 3rd week, and pretty soon I’ll be able to get rid of this funny-looking lip sweater!


I’ve decided that if I, personally, SOMEHOW manage to raise $1,500 by noon on November 30th, I will keep my moustache for the rest of the year!  That’s right, you can keep this ugly thing on my face until “Manuary” 1st by supporting the cause and donating under my name.

As a team, The MOXstaches are doing awesome!  We recently passed the $2k mark!  Google is kicking our butt this Movember.  Lesson learned: don’t try to collect donations at work immediately following October’s “Giving Campaign”.  We should have been more prepared a month earlier!

Movember 15th: Whoooaaa, We’re Halfway There!

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Whoooaaa, livin’ on a prayer!  We’ve made it to the halfway mark, and today everyone came in with their awesome Mo’s exposed – no bears allowed from here on out.

My moustache continues to slowly grow, but to add more suspense I’m holding off on another picture update until later.  In the mean time, check out this awesome photo from my parents’ wedding… This is what my Mo could look like if I were to keep it up past the month and trim it nice and neat!

I’ll also hold out on the snapshot of our progress in the fight against cancer and Google since we’ll hopefully have some better results after we do some more fundraising this week.  Our team itself is doing an amazing job so far, though!  Way to go MOXstaches!  Remember, you can always click here to contribute and help us beat out Google.