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Full On, Double Birthday All the Way!

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I made Double Rainbow cupcakes for my Double Rainbow themed birthday party this past weekend and was happy with the results – thanks to Andrew and Renee for helping me get these done!

The cupcakes were made with a simple white cake batter split into six bowls to be colored with food dye.  We made some with layers of colors and others just splashed in tie-dye style.  I topped them off with a piped mound of vanilla buttercream frosting and a few sprinkles (for the “other” rainbow).

These looked really cool on the multi-tier cupcake display with all the candles in place, but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of them all set up!  I had an awesome time at my favorite neighborhood bar (The Bottleneck Lounge) with good food and great friends – thanks to all who made it out the other night to celebrate with me!

Neato Mojito!

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Happy Birthday to Frank, who is the only German I know of that doesn’t care much for beer!  We always give him a hard time at work and poke fun by offering him mojitos, so I figured these Mojito cupcakes were appropriate:

The recipe roughly follows the Betty Crocker recipe, though I topped it with vanilla/lime flavored buttercream frosting instead of whipped cream.