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These Cupcakes Bug Me

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My sister came up to visit for the weekend of her birthday this year.  Unfortunately she spent the entire weekend taking care of her very sick brother!  I made sure she didn’t leave without a treat, though.  I made both full size and mini ladybug cupcakes using Oreos and black M&Ms.

Victory Never Tasted so Sweet

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Although I’m typically not a follower of sports, I was excited to see Green Bay bring their A-game to the Super Bowl this year!  We hosted an epic party in Seattle: the keg was tapped, meat was grilled, and yummy football cupcakes were served!

I made the chocolate footballs with a candy mold and piped the grass around them – a lot of work, but worth it after the Packers’ victory.

Trey wasn’t feeling so well after the Steelers lost on Sunday, so I used some leftover party decorations to make his office more festive and cheer him up!

A Chili Return

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One of our test leads has been away from his office since mid-December, so it was high time for another office prank.  His love of  the nearby taco truck gave Darshan and I the idea to transform his office into a taco truck… which soon became more of a taco stand.  We took down his door and replaced it with a fully-functional counter-height door and decorated accordingly.

In keeping up the theme, I found this delicious recipe for Chocolate Chili cupcakes and made mini cupcakes to bring in to work.  I added a touch of chili powder to the cake recipe for fun (though I really only tasted the cayenne, which was fine).  I also used my own vanilla cream cheese frosting recipe in place of the chocolate one shown – the cream cheese is perfect with the bite that the spices gave the cake.  I topped off a few of the cupcakes with red hots and dyed a little frosting red and green to pipe chili peppers on the rest.