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Let Them Eat Wake

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I started rowing this summer, and my group “Team Crazypants” had our very first race today!  My sister designed some awesome shirts for us and we had a blast rowing around Lake Union in the Tail of the Lake.  After re-rigging the boats back at the boathouse, we all celebrated over some cake.  I used a biscotti and Teddy Grahams to represent our opponents who are being tipped over by our wake!

When Life Gives you Lemons, Make Cupcakes!

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This 4th of July I made berry cupcakes based on Martha Stewart’s recipe.  I topped them off with fresh strawberry slices.  These reminded me of simple blueberry muffins, but with a creamy marshmallow-like frosting.

I also wanted to capture the statue of liberty in cupcake form, which lead to making lemon meringue cupcakes from scratch to resemble the torch.  I loosely based these on another Martha Stewart recipe, though I modified it slightly based on some other tasty looking recipes I found.  The cupcakes were filled with lemon curd, topped with a swirl of delicious meringue, then toasted lightly with my new kitchen toy.  I wrapped them in a paper crown decoration; although they looked a little cheesy, they tasted amazing!

Honestly, though, I just made these cupcakes to have an excuse to use another Bed Bath and Beyond 20% off coupon on a torch!

The [German Chocolate] Cake is a Lie!

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Today is Frank’s last day with the company… a bummer for all of us here in Seattle, but an excuse to do more baking!

We’ll all be getting together later today to celebrate and wish him farewell with a proper German themed send-off: German beers (for the German who hates beer), German Chocolate Cake (which actually isn’t of German origin), and pretzels (unfortunately, not the kind you’d get in Germany).

The cake took a while to make following a recipe online, but from the scraps I tasted it should be pretty good!

Golden Age

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Happy Golden Birthday to John who turned 28 on the 28th!  These “Golden Cupcakes” are a little interpretive since I didn’t know what to make: Pineapple Supreme cake in gold foil liners, topped with gold sugar and a gold Hershey’s Nugget.

Looks a Little Fishy to Me…

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This past month my lead was out on paternity leave.  Facilities had taken down the half-door from our Taco Stand office prank, so we felt it should be repurposed.  Joe’s office was transformed into “Crazy Joe’s Bait & Tackle Co.” complete with paperclip hooks and gummyworm bait!  (pictures of the prank coming soon)

In keeping with the fishing theme, I put together these cupcakes using Goldfish crackers and pretzel sticks.  I also tried out the two-tone frosting technique by putting both a light and dark shade of blue in the piping bag – it doesn’t show well in these photos, but made for a cool “water” effect.