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Cutting Corners

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When I read on the box, “Now with 1/3 the calories!!” I didn’t realize this is what they meant!!

I mean, I know it’s a veggie burger and is meant to be healthier… But, really??

U-haul: They’ve Got Everything

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I saw this poorly-placed sticker on the back of a U-haul truck a few months ago:

So Many Cards!

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I accomplished my goal to finish my Christmas cards this weekend! I missed doing it last year, so I’m glad I did it again now. I ended up with 70 cards and just a few photos short (I thought I ordered plenty of extras, woops!).

Let’s Get Blogging!

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Thank goodness, there’s finally a new WordPress app so I can start blogging from my iPhone again! So I’ll start with this (highly appropriate) picture from way back at Labor Day’s Bumbershoot concert:

Memories from that weekend include:
• unwittingly buying a women’s sweatshirt that looks awful on me… But it kept me warm so who cares
• standing just a few people away from Adrian Grenier in a crowd, not long after we saw him perform in his own band
• meeting Tom Douglas who was the first person to officially congratulate Renee and Andrew on there engagement
• Black Eyed Peas, Modest Mouse, All-American Rejects, Jason Mraz, Franz Ferdinand, and oh so many more

Let’s Get Fresh…

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David and I have successfully moved from Kirkland to Seattle (woot!).  When I arrived “home” the first night, I decided to get rid of our two old Amazon Fresh bins (which were hanging out in our entryway for months) by ordering more groceries.  I put the bins outside and sent in a small order for a few groceries to get the fridge stocked up a bit.  I had no idea that the next morning I was going to wake up to THIS:


The funny part is that things were not packed very efficiently at all.  One of those two blue bins contained nothing more than a bag of frozen veggies (and some dry ice to keep it cold)!  Another mostly-empty bin, as an unexpected surprise (likely a part of the promotional code I used), contained a cute floral arrangement which is now brightening up our dining room table!


Overall, I’m not sure what to think of Amazon Fresh.  I was fairly pleased with the ordering and delivery experience.  Even better, I had been thinking about ordering Season 4 of The Closer on for a while now – it turns out I was able to add it to my Fresh order so essentially I got free 8-hour shipping on it to boot!  Now, the melon I ordered was a bit of a disappointment… I’d need to try a few more produce items to see if things improve before I get hooked.  The prices are also nothing to scream about… I compared and Safeway’s delivery service would be far cheaper.  I also miss being able to quickly compare products in my hands.  And furthermore, it turns out there is a Safeway AND a Trader Joe’s just blocks (or just over a block) away!  That makes it really tough to justify buying groceries online.  🙂