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A New Commute?

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Hmm… maybe I should start taking the 90 to work instead?

A Sad Day in History

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Oh, WaMu, I still miss you so much it hurts!

Today I was dismayed to find a letter from Chase, accompanied by a new debit card to replace my old WaMu card. Now I have three nearly identical blue cards in my wallet – so ugly and vulgar. And it came too soon – my old card still had a year on it before expiration! What really killed me, though, was the scene from Old Yeller where I had to take my poor old golden debit card out back and put it through the shredder. I’m going to cry myself to sleep tonight.

So Many Cards!

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I accomplished my goal to finish my Christmas cards this weekend! I missed doing it last year, so I’m glad I did it again now. I ended up with 70 cards and just a few photos short (I thought I ordered plenty of extras, woops!).

Sudoku’s Replacement

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This genius at work named Igor created an awesome new game called RoboZZle that has me completely hooked… it’s got everything I could ever want and is far more exciting than Sudoku!

puzzles + nerdiness (functions + conditionals + recursion) = procrastination

FTW: I'm glad it doesn't show a clock for how long this took me to solve!

FTW: I'm glad it doesn't have a clock showing how long this puzzle took me to solve...

Go get hooked on it NOW!

Zune Withdrawal

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My Zune died last weekend.  I tried to submit a service request but their website was broken so I had to wait all night long until I could call in the morning.  Now they have to send me a pre-paid box to ship it back in.  The box has been sitting in Texas all week and won’t be delivered until later next week!  I’m going nuts without it!

What’s worse is that I recently became eligible for a phone upgrade and have been itching to leave my horrible 8525 for an iPhone… and this gives me one more reason to do just that!  :-[